Decorating with Scottish Art: Tips for Every Room in Your Home

Decorating with Scottish Art: Tips for Every Room in Your Home

Envelop your living space in the enchanting charm of Scotland with exquisite Scottish art adorning your walls. The rich cultural history and stunning landscapes of Scotland can now be captured in your abode, creating a sanctuary that reflects the beauty of this rugged, romantic land. Whether in the calm repose of a bedroom or the bustling vitality of the kitchen, let each room in your house tell a story through Scottish art. Read on for inspirational tips on how to infuse your home with the grandeur of Scotland's natural and architectural wonders.

Laying a Scottish Scene in Your Living Room

The living room, often the cornerstone of a home, offers a grand canvas for showcasing captivating scenes of Scottish moors, mountains, and urban cityscapes. Consider a large framed print of misty Scottish Glens or the panoramic splendour of the Scottish Highlands to create a bold focal point above the sofa. Depending on your décor style, opt for a Realism piece that faithfully captures the dramatic skies and terrain, or go with an Abstract expression that evokes the emotional landscape of Scotland through a burst of colour and form. Keep the palette in tune with your existing furnishings to seamlessly blend Scottish beauty into your living environment.

Dining with the Charm of Scottish Harbours and Villages

Your dining area can become a window to the delightful Scottish coasts and quaint villages. A framed print of a Scottish Harbour or a vibrant village scene serves as a conversation-starting backdrop for your dinner parties. Balance the lively depiction with more subdued dinnerware and table linens, letting the art become the star of your dining space. The gentle blend of seascapes and harbour life captured in the style of Naive Art or Illustrative Expressionism adds a touch of whimsy and warmth that complements shared meals and cherished moments.

The Kitchen: A Taste of the Scottish Outdoors

Transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary inspiration with art that captures Scotland's natural produce or iconic traditions like fly fishing. Opt for prints of Scottish Flowers and Flora, or a serene Scottish Loch, which lend a soothing ambience to the bustling kitchen environment. The vivid colours of Pop Art or the simplicity of Minimalism can create a lively yet uncluttered accent to your kitchen walls, inspiring your daily cooking adventures with a Scottish twist.

Bedroom Bliss with Scottish Natural Landscapes

The bedroom should be your personal retreat, invoking tranquillity and rest. Adorn your walls with serene Scottish landscapes like tranquil Forests, gentle Rivers, or a serene Loch Lomond scene. Choosing art with subdued tones, perhaps rendered in the softness of Modern Impressionism or the fluidity of Abstract Impressionism, can foster a peaceful atmosphere to unwind after a long day. A pair of smaller, framed prints on either side of the bed can add symmetry and balance, creating a curated look for your serene escape.

Creative Workspaces with Cultural Flair

Infuse your home office or creative workspace with the energetic vibe of Scottish Cities or the motivational vistas of Scottish Mountains. A Modern or Contemporary piece portraying Edinburgh’s skyline or the legendary Glencoe can stir creativity and offer a visual break from the daily grind. Artistic representations that feature the commanding presence of Scottish Munros serve as a metaphor for overcoming challenges, perfect for keeping you inspired and focused in your professional endeavours.

Bathroom Retreats & Relaxation

Even the bathroom deserves an artistic touch. Small prints in waterproof frames can turn an ordinary space into a Scottish sanctuary. Think of adding Scottish Waterfalls or misty Coves, creating a spa-like vibe with their calming presence. Styles like Minimalism or Color Field can promote a sense of calm and clean lines, perfect for the space where you rejuvenate and refresh.


Scottish art provides a versatile palette for you to beautify your home and celebrate the spirit and charm of Scotland in every room. From the grandeur of Castles and tranquillity of rural Villages to the abstract impressions of Scotland’s natural beauty, the scenes depicted in these artworks promise to elevate your living spaces with their unique character. At, while we take pride in providing art that captures the essence of Scottish landscapes and themes, it's the personal touch you bring when decorating that makes each print truly come alive in your home.

Remember, regardless of the room, the aim is to create an ambience that soothes the soul and ignites the imagination, and with Scottish art, you are never far from achieving just that. Embark on the journey of transforming your home into an ode to the ancient, vibrant, and endlessly inspiring land of Scotland.

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