Welcome to the Modern Collection

Embark on a contemporary visual journey through the alluring landscapes of Scotland with our Modern Collection. This series of paintings encapsulates the vibrant spirit and the modernist take on the country's majestic terrains. Each painting in this collection reimagines the traditional Scottish vistas with a fresh, innovative perspective that resonates with current art trends while retaining the timeless beauty of the region’s natural wonders.

Discovering the Modern Collection

The Modern Collection is an eclectic mix of abstract interpretations and stylised representations, where the bold use of colour and form brings a dynamic energy to familiar scenes. The artworks feature iconic landmarks and hidden gems alike, from the rolling hills and serene lochs to the bustling city streets and historic architecture. The artists have pushed the boundaries of conventional landscape art, ensuring that each piece tells an evocative and unique story of Scotland's ongoing narrative.

The collection not only serves as a breathtaking homage to the natural and urban tapestry of Scotland but also stands as a testament to the country's growing presence in the contemporary art scene. With every brushstroke, the palpable textures and striking palettes breathe new life, offering viewers a chance to discover Scotland through a lens that is both exhilarating and refreshingly modern.

Why a Print from the Modern Collection?

Acquiring a print from our Modern Collection is an invitation to infuse your space with the essence of modern Scotland. Whether choosing the sleek and robust finish of our framed prints or the immersive experience of a hand-stretched canvas, you're securing a slice of artistic innovation that will elevate any room.

A print from this collection is an exceptional choice for art enthusiasts and admirers of Scotland's allure alike. It serves as a statement piece that can spark conversation and reflection. As a gift, it is both thoughtful and profound—whether for someone of Scottish heritage, an art lover, or a friend or family member whose heart belongs to the beauty of the Scottish landscape. It is a remarkable way to celebrate a special occasion or to simply say, 'I care.'

Choose your passion, your memory, or your dream within our Modern Collection, and let the bold spirit of Scotland transform your home or the home of someone special today.