Welcome to the Color Field Collection

Exploring the essence of Scotland's landscapes through an abstract lens, the Color Field collection presents a unique art experience, transcending conventional representations with a vivid play of hues and textures. Each piece within this array is not merely an artistic interpretation of a location but an emotional evocation, encapsulating the spirit and atmospheric beauty of Scotland.

Our Color Field paintings are more than a geographic testament; they are a palette of emotions, ranging from the tranquil blues that sweep through the skylines of the Isles to the rich, earthy tones that dance across the Highlands. These abstract designs focus on the harmonious arrangement of colour, inviting contemplation and providing a restorative ambience to any room.

Why Choose a Print From the Color Field Collection?

Whether it's to adorn your own walls or as a thoughtful gift, our prints offer both a connection to Scotland and a statement piece of modern art. Our collection is printed using the highest quality materials, ensuring that each stroke and shade is captured in stunning clarity.

The versatility of our prints is unparalleled – whether you opt for a hand-stretched canvas to add texture and a gallery feel to your interiors, or a framed print in black, white, or natural wood to complement and enhance your décor. For those who appreciate the tactile experience of choosing their frame, our print-only option provides a perfect canvas for your personal touch.

Given as a gift, a print from the Color Field collection is a profound gesture, offering the receiver a timeless piece of Scotland’s artistic heritage. It is an invitation to relish in the abstract beauty and existential delight that this land inspires. With each print, you extend a piece of Scotland’s soul—captured in colour—to be enjoyed every day.

Discover the allure of abstract art with a Scottish twist and invite the mesmeric charm of the Color Field collection into your life. Each print promises to be a conversation starter, an oasis of tranquillity, and a treasured heirloom for generations to come.