Contemporary Collection

Embark on a visual journey through Scotland's most mesmerising landscapes with our Contemporary Collection. Immerse yourself in the vivid clarity and dynamic brushwork that characterises these modern masterpieces, each piece offering a fresh and vibrant perspective on Scotland's timeless beauty. From the rolling, emerald hills of the Highlands to the stark elegance of its rugged coastlines, this collection captures the heart and soul of Scottish scenery with a bright, innovative touch.

Our contemporary artists blend traditional themes with modern techniques, embracing bold colour palettes and abstract interpretations to create artworks that resonate with both the modern art aficionado and the lover of Scotland alike. Each painting in this collection not only encapsulates a specific locale's spirit but also embodies the progressive energy of today’s artistic scene. The result is a body of work that will stand out in any setting, a perfect synthesis of form, colour, and the indefinable essence of Scotland.

Why Choose a Print from Our Contemporary Collection?

Acquiring a print from our Contemporary Collection offers not just a slice of Scottish splendour but a statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Whether opting for the sleek lines of our framed prints - available in black, white or natural wood - or the textured depth of our hand-stretched canvas prints, you are bringing home a piece of art that has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Scotland. For those who appreciate the freedom to personalise, our print-only option invites you to style the artwork in a frame that reflects your unique taste.

A print from this collection serves as more than just home decor; it is an invitation to daydream of distant landscapes and brings the allure of Scotland into your daily life. As a gift, it conveys thoughtfulness and a touch of luxury, an ideal present for art lovers, wanderlust seekers, or anyone with a fondness for Scotland’s enchanting vistas. Let our Contemporary Collection be a source of inspiration and a celebration of Scotland’s artistic legacy, all from the comfort of your own home or as a cherished gift to a special someone.