What to Look for When Choosing Framed Prints Online

What to Look for When Choosing Framed Prints Online

When it comes to adding character and warmth to a room, nothing does so quite like a beautifully framed print. Whether it's the serene beauty of a Scottish Loch or the bustling streets of Edinburgh that you want to bring into your home, the right framed print can transport you to the heart of Scotland’s splendour. Choosing the perfect piece online involves a consideration of several factors to ensure that what arrives at your door is exactly what you envisaged. Here are key points to consider when selecting framed prints online.

Art Subject and Style

First, consider the subject and style that speaks to you or will complement your space. With a realm of Scottish themes and artistic styles, it's important to choose an image that resonates with your taste or holds a particular significance. Reflect on whether you are captivated by the romantic scenery of Scottish Castles or the vibrant expressions of Scottish Flowers and Flora. Each style, whether it be Impressionism or Modern Art, carries a different mood and impact.

Print Quality

High-resolution images: Ensure that the artwork boasts high-definition printing to capture the essence and detail of the original artwork. Pixellation or blurring can detract from the visual appeal of a print.

Colour accuracy: A print that closely matches the colours of the original image is essential. Screen settings can alter one's perception, so look for online retailers that provide colour-accurate photos and descriptions.

Frame Quality

Material: Frames come in various materials, including wood and metal. Sustainable wood frames, such as those offered by eco-conscious retailers, can add both aesthetic charm and environmental peace of mind.

Construction: The build quality of a frame affects its longevity and the way it showcases the print. Look for sturdy construction and precise joins.

Glass or Plexiglass

Type of glass: The choice between glass and plexiglass can influence the weight, clarity, and durability of your framed print. Consider the location and handling of the print when making this decision.


Matting can enhance the presentation of your print, but it’s not necessary for all art styles. A mat should be acid-free to protect the print and should complement the artwork rather than competing with it.

Size and Scale

Choosing the right size and scale is critical. An 80cm x 80cm framed print might be perfect for a statement piece, whereas a 40cm x 40cm print could be ideal for a smaller space or as part of a gallery wall.

Mounting and Hardware

Check if the framed print comes ready to hang and with the appropriate hardware. Good quality hardware ensures that your print will hang securely and will be easy to install on your wall.

Return Policy and Customer Support

Understanding the return policy of the online store is important. Reliable customer service is also crucial for addressing any issues that may arise during shipping or after delivery.

Know the Source

When selecting framed prints, the reputation of the online store matters. ScotlandPaintings.com, without compromising on quality or the richness of Scottish tradition, offers an extensive collection of Scottish framed prints, each designed to bring the essence of Scotland's landscapes and themes into homes sustainably and beautifully.

Your chosen framed print should not just adorn a wall but also embody a slice of the world that you love. With these considerations in mind, you can confidently select a work of art that will enchant and inspire for years to come. Savour the process of discovery, and let the Scottish scenes fill your living space with their timeless allure.

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