Welcome to the Essence of Angus

Angus, a captivating county nestled on the east coast of Scotland, is a land that marries the raw beauty of nature with rich veins of history and tradition. With its rugged coastlines, rolling hills, and serene glens, Angus has long served as a muse for artists, who have sought to capture its varied landscapes and the ever-changing play of light upon them. It is a place where the whispers of the past meet the tranquility of the present, making Angus not only a delight for the eyes but also a sanctuary for the soul.

Discover the Charms of Angus

Each corner of Angus tells a different story, from the ancient, romantic ruins of Arbroath Abbey - where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320, affirming Scotland's sovereignty - to the breezy, wildlife-rich Montrose Basin. The cliff-fringed coastline offers stunning panoramas, with the Beaches of Lunan Bay presenting a masterpiece of tidal sands and surf particularly adored by landscape painters. Moving inland, the fertile Vale of Strathmore stretches wide, offering pastoral scenes worthy of Romanticist art. Twisting further into Angus's heart, the picturesque Glens of Angus unfold – a series of glacial valleys like Glen Clova and Glen Doll that boast dramatic, mountainous scenes that echo the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands.

Angus resonates with a certain art style; its landscapes lend themselves beautifully to both the bold strokes of impressionism and the fine detail of realism. Its marriage of natural splendor with human history provides endless inspiration to artists who seek to embody the essence of Scotland's untouched countryside, as well as the imprints of human life that have shaped its character over the centuries.

Bring Angus into Your Home

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