Welcome to Catterline Bay – A Captivating Subject for Art and Imagination

Nestled on the rugged northeast coast of Scotland is the enchanting Catterline Bay, a locale that has charmed artists and sightseers alike with its picturesque serenity and dramatic seaside vistas. The small fishing village of Catterline, perched on the cliffs overlooking the bay, serves as a silent testament to the timeless struggle and symbiotic relationship between man and the sea, a theme that has been a rich subject for painters throughout the ages.

Catterline Bay's beauty is enhanced by its striking contrasts; the wild, undulating waves crashing against the sturdy cliffs, the tranquil beach with its scattering of boats, and the vibrant greenery surrounding it, which shifts with the seasons. This dynamic landscape is a muse for artists, as it provides an ever-changing play of light and shadow, atmosphere, and colour – a perfect canvas for those inspired by the raw power and sublime beauty of nature.

The bay holds a particular resonance within the realm of Scottish Expressionism, proudly associated with the visionary artist Joan Eardley, who spent a significant amount of time in Catterline capturing the untamed essence of the sea and rural life. Her work casts a long shadow, and her influence continues to inspire contemporary artists who seek to evoke emotion and explore the spiritual connection one has with such a powerful setting.

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