Welcome to the Majestic Liathach

Nestled in the heart of the Northwest Highlands, Liathach stands as a testament to Scotland's rugged natural beauty. This formidable mountain, a jewel of the Torridon Hills, boasts some of the most spectacular and challenging landscapes that Scotland has to offer. Liathach, meaning "The Grey One" in Scottish Gaelic, rises elegantly above the shores of Upper Loch Torridon, its pinnacles and crests forging a relentless skyline that captivates artists and adventurers alike.

The sheer presence of Liathach has a sense of grandeur that is hard to capture in words. With its daunting ridges, notably the famous Am Fasarinen pinnacles, and its highest peak, Spidean a' Choire Lèith, scraping the skies at 1,055 metres, it's no wonder that Liathach has become a muse for painters over the years. The interplay of light and shadow, cast by the changing Scottish weather, dances across the mountain's crags and gullies, creating a visual feast that is both a challenge and a delight to capture on canvas.

Liathach's vistas are steeped in a raw, untamed beauty that resonates with the emotive and evocative strokes of expressive landscape art. Its dramatic contours, rich textures, and a palette of earthy tones, from the greys of its boulders to the purples of its heather, make it a perfect subject for artists seeking to evoke the power and majesty of the natural world.

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