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Cubist Portree: A Modernist Take on the Isle of Skye Harbour

Cubist Portree: A Modernist Take on the Isle of Skye Harbour

Immerse yourself in the vivid abstractions of the Scottish West Coast with this striking Cubist-inspired print. Encapsulating the essence of Portree Harbour, Isle of Skye, this piece interprets the idyllic coastal scene through a prism of geometric shapes and a bold, fragmented perspective that is characteristic of Cubism.

The eye is first drawn to a cluster of charming houses, their facades painted in a refreshing palette of blues, whites, and a vibrant pop of red, standing proudly against the serene backdrop of rolling hills. Each building is reimagined into angular segments that play with light and shadow, creating an almost rhythmic harmony across the canvas.

Foregrounding the composition, two boats rest gently on the reflective water. The stillness of the harbour is conveyed through the fragmented reflection of the boats and houses, with the juxtaposition of the water's deep blues and the splashes of orange, white, and red interrupting the calm surface.

As your gaze moves skyward, softened lines and swirling patterns suggest movement in the sky, contrasting with the stark lines of the architecture and static hills that envelop the village. This print, a part of the 'Scottish Harbours' collection, is an ode to the rich history and natural beauty of Scotland's coastal geography, rendered in a modernist style that will add a contemplative and aesthetically intriguing element to any space it occupies.

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