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Cubist Cascade of Plodda Falls

Cubist Cascade of Plodda Falls

Step into a realm where nature meets imagination with our exquisite print inspired by the enchanting Plodda Falls, nestled in the scenic Scottish Highlands. Crafted in the distinct Cubist style, this piece fragments the natural world into an array of geometric shapes, inviting viewers on a visual journey through reimagined landscapes.

The artwork features a captivating portrayal of cascading waters, the falls depicted through bold, overlapping planes of colour that create a sense of movement and vitality. Hues of cerulean and azure mimic the rush and flow of water, while highlights of white suggest the frothy churn where the water meets the rocks below.

Surrounding the falls, an abstract forest rises in a symphony of geometric forms. The foliage is rendered through a kaleidoscopic lens, with spheres and cylinders coalescing to form canopies that seem to sway between two and three dimensions. A palette of ochre, vermillion, and sap green reflects the rich and varied tones of woodland life, captivating the eye with their warmth and depth.

Above, the sky breaks into a tessellation of peach, gold, and pale blue, representing the shifting light of day as it dances across the canvas. The stark lines and angles infused throughout the composition evoke the essence of Cubism, challenging perceptions of space and perspective.

This print, a part of our 'Scottish Waterfalls' collection, offers not just a piece of art but an invitation to ponder the beauty of Scotland through a modernist lens. Ideal for aficionados of avant-garde art or lovers of Scotland's rugged charm, it brings a touch of the Highlands' mystic allure into any environment, promising to spark conversation and admiration in equal measure.

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