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Cubist Highlands: An Inverness Reflection

Cubist Highlands: An Inverness Reflection

Embark on a visual journey to the Scottish Highlands with this enigmatic cubist-inspired print that pays homage to the striking landscapes of Inverness. Angular forms and fractured perspectives capture the essence of the location, weaving together rural architecture and the organic beauty of nature in a harmonious juxtaposition.

The eye is drawn across the cool blues and rich earthy tones that illustrate the rolling hills and winding river. Stark black lines carve out the silhouetted branches of a barren tree in the foreground, set against a patchwork quilt of geometrically-styled fields. The structured houses and farms are reduced to a series of interlocking shapes, reflecting the cubist ethos of seeing the world through a prism of abstract forms.

Hints of warm ochres and mustards infuse life into the landscape, suggesting a dormant vitality amidst the serene blues and greys. The skies are a dramatic display of swirling whites and greys, hinting at the dynamic weather for which the region is known, further emphasising the stirring beauty of this rugged Scottish vista.

This print belongs to the 'Scottish Cities' collection and encapsulates the spirit of Inverness with a stylised take on its natural and man-made scenery. It is an invitation to reinterpret the familiar through the lens of modernist art, making it a sublime addition to any interior seeking a touch of the Scottish Highlands' mystique.

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