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Painting and Art Print of Beinn Dòrain entitled "Vibrant Essence of Beinn Dòrain".

Painting and Art Print of Beinn Dòrain entitled "Vibrant Essence of Beinn Dòrain".

This abstract print captures the essence of Beinn Dòrain, a prominent feature in the Scottish Munros collection, through a vibrant and emotive portrayal that prioritises mood over meticulous representation. Bold brushstrokes in a plethora of striking colours carve out the majestic form of the mountain, with a vivid interplay of teal, green and a splash of yellow suggesting a lively yet serene landscape at its base. The peak itself is rendered in a dynamic fusion of scarlet and coral, gracefully transitioning into cool blues and purples, invoking the shifting light of a dynamic Highland sky.

The foreground of the artwork is marked by a dramatic contrasting spectrum, where fiery oranges and deep reds lay against a tranquil white, evoking the raw elements that shape the land. An array of expressive marks and drips adds a sense of movement and energy, as if the very forces of nature were captured mid-motion. This print invites not just a glance, but a lingering gaze, encouraging the viewer to explore the depths of its textures and hues, and to lose themselves in the abstract beauty of one of Scotland's most iconic natural wonders. Each piece from our Scottish Munros collection is a tribute to the wild and rugged spirit of the Highlands, and this print entices with its bold interpretation and exhilarating chromatic play.

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