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Painting and Art Print of Dusk on Loch Lomond entitled "Dusk Serenity at Loch Lomond".

Painting and Art Print of Dusk on Loch Lomond entitled "Dusk Serenity at Loch Lomond".

Capturing the serene tranquillity of Loch Lomond at the cusp of evening, this minimalist print presents a harmonious composition of geometric tranquillity and colour. The scene sets against a backdrop of a gentle gradient sky, where hues of peach, light blue, and deep navy blend seamlessly into one another, culminating in a spherical, warm yellow sun hanging above the horizon.

Undulating hills roll softly in silhouette, layered in varying shades of cool blues, which create a sense of depth and calm. Below, the loch itself is represented by a patchwork of squares and rectangles, an abstraction of water in a mosaic of blues, from turquoise to midnight, with touches of white reflecting the fading light. These blocks of colour provide a visual rhythm that suggests the gentle ebb and flow of water at dusk.

This print, part of the 'Loch Lomond' collection, evokes a sense of peace and simplicity, offering a modern interpretation of the natural landscape. The minimalistic approach, devoid of intricate detail, invites contemplation and a personal connection to the beauty of one of Scotland's most iconic natural settings. It is a testament to the power of less being more, drawing viewers into a moment of stillness and reflective beauty.

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