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Painting and Art Print of Glen Esk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Blaze of Glen Esk".

Painting and Art Print of Glen Esk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Blaze of Glen Esk".

Capturing the essence of Glen Esk during the vibrant summer months, this print reflects the dynamic and spirited nature of the Angus landscapes. Bold strokes and contrasting colours create an abstract representation that evokes the warmth and lively atmosphere of the Scottish summertime. Vivid yellows and luminous blues dominate the canvas, suggesting expansive fields basking under a bright sky, while peaks and valleys are hinted at with darker, cooler tones that give the piece depth and dimension.

Swaths of intense orange and streaks of hot pink at the forefront inject a wild, almost untamed quality to the image, reminiscent of the untapped beauty found in nature. The abstract nature of the painting allows for a sense of movement and fluidity, with the loosely defined elements suggesting the presence of winding roads or meandering rivers slicing through the terrain.

This print is an invitation to explore a world where the lines between sky, land, and water blur into a carousel of colour and form. It is a testament to the rolling Scottish hills and the tapestry of colour they wear during the summer months, offering viewers a contemporary and emotive interpretation steeped in the atmosphere of Glen Esk.

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