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Painting and Art Print of Glen Tanar, Aberdeenshire in summer entitled "Summer Symphony in Glen Tanar".

Painting and Art Print of Glen Tanar, Aberdeenshire in summer entitled "Summer Symphony in Glen Tanar".

This captivating print draws its inspiration from the vibrant and refreshing landscapes of Glen Tanar in Aberdeenshire during the warm summer months. Through a bold abstract lens, the piece distills the essence of the season and location into a riot of colour and energetic strokes that evoke the beauty of the Scottish wilderness.

The composition is dominated by the commanding presence of a cluster of trees that anchor the scene. Their dark silhouettes stand in stark contrast to the luminous backdrop, providing a sense of depth and solidity amidst the fluidity of the abstract forms. Surrounding the trees, a tapestry of bright yellows and vivid greens swathes the canvas, suggesting sun-drenched fields and the fresh verdure new to summer's touch.

A meandering river cuts through the landscape, rendered in shades of azure and white, providing a dynamic visual pathway that draws the eye across the print. Its serpentine flow adds a sense of movement to the piece, complemented by the energetic dashes and splatters that mimic the wild, untamed nature of Scotland's countryside.

Accents of pinks, purples, and a spectrum of other hues are scattered across the canvas like wildflowers dotting the terrain. These bursts of colour not only add a whimsical charm but also create a rich texture and layering that beckon the viewer to look closer and explore the intricate details of this abstract representation.

This print, a part of the 'Scotland in Summer' collection, encapsulates the warm, unfettered spirit of the Aberdeenshire summertime, offering an evocative and modern interpretation that celebrates the area's natural splendour. It’s an invitation to the viewer to lose themselves in the wild and whimsical charm of Glen Tanar, where the essence of summer is forever captured in sweeping brushstrokes and a symphony of colour.

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