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Painting and Art Print of Glenlivet, Moray in summer entitled "Summer Symphony of Glenlivet Moray".

Painting and Art Print of Glenlivet, Moray in summer entitled "Summer Symphony of Glenlivet Moray".

Capturing the vibrant essence of Glenlivet, Moray in the summertime, this abstract print presents a tapestry of nature’s hues, with voluptuous shapes and a symphony of colours that leap from the canvas. The foreground is a joyous celebration of floral abundance where yellows, greens and splashes of white and orange suggest wildflowers in full bloom, delighting the senses with their perceived fragrance and energetic presence.

As the eye travels across the rolling hills, undulating fields are depicted in bold strokes of yellow and green, with hints of scarlet that hint at the wild heather commonly found in the Scottish landscapes. These sweeping gestures of colour blend together to form a dynamic quilt that communicates the fertile expansiveness of the land.

The horizon is etched with the silhouettes of the distant hills and mountains, their cool blue tones providing a calming contrast to the warmth of the meadows, and bringing to mind the fresh, crisp air unique to the Scottish highlands. Above, the sky is a masterpiece of movement, with broad strokes of white and blue evoking the vast and changing summer sky.

This print invites viewers to explore a reimagined Glenlivet, one that is transformed into an abstract realm where nature's beauty is exalted through a vibrant and expressive palette. It is a piece that reverberates with the life and energy of summertime in Scotland, encapsulating both the tranquillity and the raw, untamed spirit of its landscape.

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