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Painting and Art Print of Glenesk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Symphony in Glenesk".

Painting and Art Print of Glenesk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Symphony in Glenesk".

This vibrant abstract print captures the essence of summer in Glenesk, Angus, through a symphony of bold and exuberant brushstrokes that elegantly dance across the canvas. Bursting with a rich palette that ranges from warm yellows, fiery oranges to verdant greens, the work conjures up the fertile landscapes that characterise the season. Each hue is applied with a deliberate energy, creating a tactile and dynamic surface that invites viewers to explore the rolling hills and valleys of the region.

The sky above is depicted with a gradient of pastel pinks and blues, evoking the softness of a summer's sunset, while whimsical strokes render the billowing clouds. Below, the land is interpreted as a tapestry of colour, with patches of red and orange suggesting wildflowers in full bloom. The interplay of colours and forms creates a joyful chaos that seems to mirror the untamed beauty of nature during the summer months.

This piece offers an abstract interpretation where the usual boundaries of landscape features blend into a harmonious whole. The composition's pulsating rhythms and sweeps of colour transport one to a place where the senses are awakened, and the spirit of Glenesk's summer is vividly brought to life. It is a celebration of the season, sure to add a splash of colour and a touch of Scottish charm to any space.

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