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Painting and Art Print of Glenesk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Blaze in Glenesk".

Painting and Art Print of Glenesk, Angus in summer entitled "Summer Blaze in Glenesk".

Experience the vibrancy of summer in Glenesk, Angus through a captivating abstract interpretation that brings the Scottish countryside to life in a riot of colour and texture. This exquisite print captures the essence of a summer's day with a bold palette dominated by shades of warm yellows and oranges, suggesting sprawling fields ablaze with the glow of the sun.

Hints of verdant green break through the fields, evoking the image of distant trees dotting the rolling hills, while dappling of reds and pinks in the foreground suggest wildflowers in full bloom, dancing gently in the breeze. The sky above is rendered in a series of short, confident brushstrokes, merging shades of blue and white that convey both the calm and the dynamism of a summer sky, clouded yet bursting with light.

Part of the 'Scotland in Summer' collection, this piece offers a fresh and contemporary take on the Scottish landscape, steering away from traditional realism to offer a more evocative and emotional expression of place. It invites viewers to delve into the abstract and find their own summertime memories tucked within its sweeping gestures and layered composition. Whether gracing the walls of a modern city dwelling or adding a burst of colour to a more traditional setting, this print brings the beauty of Glenesk into the home with a modern artistic flair.

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