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Painting and Art Print of Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides in summer. Summer Dreams of Isle of Lewis.

Painting and Art Print of Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides in summer. Summer Dreams of Isle of Lewis.

This captivating print transports viewers to the alluring landscapes of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides during the vibrant summer months. The artwork showcases a spectacular coastal scene where the clear azure waters gently lap against a rugged shoreline peppered with dark, weathered rocks, which are adorned by brilliant orange lichen. A tranquil bay unfolds, leading the eye towards the quaint white cottages perched gracefully along the coast, their red roofs adding a pop of warm colour against the cool tones of sea and sky.

The foreground is a riot of summer blooms, with splashes of yellow, white, and red flowers dancing in the breeze amidst lush greenery, evoking the wild and untamed beauty of the Scottish countryside. The impressionistic style lends a dream-like quality to the scene, with deft, expressive brushstrokes capturing the movement of grasses in the wind and the ever-changing reflections upon the water’s surface.

In the distance, gentle undulating hills rise beneath a spacious sky. Broad, expressive strokes of blue and white paint suggest the dynamic pattern of clouds as they drift lazily overhead, casting soft shadows on the hills below. A few birds can be seen soaring high, silhouetted against the expansive sky, reinforcing the sense of freedom and the natural splendour that characterises the region.

As part of the 'Scotland in Summer' collection, this piece embodies the essence of Scottish summer days, where the interplay of light and colour combine to create a serene yet invigorating landscape. It is a tribute to the enchanting beauty found in the heart of the Hebrides, inviting contemplation and offering an escape to a place where the land meets the sea under the watchful gaze of the summer sky.

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