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Painting and Art Print of River Almond, Edinburgh in summer entitled "Abstract Essence of River Almond in Summer".

Painting and Art Print of River Almond, Edinburgh in summer entitled "Abstract Essence of River Almond in Summer".

This captivating print captures the essence of the River Almond in Edinburgh during the vibrant summer season through a unique abstract lens. The artwork cleverly plays with form and colour to evoke the lively atmosphere of this picturesque locale.

The composition features a melange of energetic brushstrokes, where splashes of bold yellows and soothing blues merge to create a dynamic visual representation of the river's surface shimmering under the summer sun. The contrast between these warm and cool hues brings a sense of the harmonious interplay between light and water.

In the foreground, the reflection and refraction of light on the water are depicted through an array of abstract shapes and drips, suggesting the gentle movement of the stream. The use of deep blues and pure whites adds depth and vitality, inviting the viewer to experience the cool, refreshing quality of the river.

The mid-ground is anchored by a stylised rendition of the historic stone bridge spanning the serene waters, its arched silhouette providing a focal point amidst the abstraction. Adjacent, the quaint outlines of houses make a subtle appearance, rendered in whites and greys that hint at the serene countryside charm.

Behind this serene architectural portrayal, the background softly suggests rolling hills and a wide expanse of sky. Swathes of cooler tones blend into the suggestion of distant mountains, with streaks of white and muted blues evoking a sense of boundless Scottish skies.

This print from our 'Scotland in Summer' collection expresses the splendour of the River Almond's surroundings through a tapestry of colour and shape that will add a touch of abstract beauty to any space. It encapsulates the timeless allure of Scottish landscapes while infusing them with a modern, artistic temperament.

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