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Summer Splendour by the River Lossie

Summer Splendour by the River Lossie

Immerse yourself in the vivid splendour of a Scottish summer with this striking abstract print, resonating with the dynamic energy of the River Lossie in Moray. Bold, impasto-like strokes of azure and cerulean depict the meandering river, a vibrant ribbon of colour that draws the eye through the rich tapestry of the countryside. The surrounding fields are a checkerboard of luminosity, where shades of amber, chartreuse, and goldenrod collide and dance against one another in a joyful expression of the season's peak.

Above, the sky—an expanse of soft whites and pale blues—bears the hallmark of a tranquil summer's day, wrought in carefully layered hues that suggest the gentle movement of clouds. Distant, shadowed copse of trees punctuate the horizon, anchoring the composition and providing a stark contrast to the open fields. Closer to the riverside, dabs of green, yellow, and white suggest lush vegetation, flourishing under the sun's nurturing gaze.

This evocative piece encapsulates the essence of Scotland's countryside during the sun-drenched months, an abstract interpretation that invites the mind to wander and the soul to soar. It is an ode to the serene beauty of Moray, a region where nature's palette is as diverse as it is enchanting. This print is a must-have for anyone looking to infuse their space with the warmth and vibrant energy of a Scottish summer's day.

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