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Summer Serenade by River Tummel

Summer Serenade by River Tummel

Immerse yourself in the vibrant summer hues of Perthshire with this captivating expressionist print, capturing the essence of the serene River Tummel. Embrace the vivid reflections in the gentle waters, accented by striking blue tones that mimic the expansive Scottish sky. The riverside is brought to life by bold daubs of colour, where shades of amber, gold, and green dance in the light to depict the sun-kissed grass and trees rustling in the breeze.

In the distance, majestic mountains rise with powerful strokes of blue and violet, their grandeur providing a dramatic backdrop to the tranquil pastoral scene. Shadow and light play across the composition, evoking the dynamic atmosphere of a summer day where clouds may momentarily obscure the sun, only to reveal a landscape drenched in warmth once more.

Each brushstroke on this print is intentionally emotive, inviting the viewer to feel the movement of the air and the pulse of nature. The landscape, interpreted through the lens of expressionism, communicates more than just the visual splendour of Scotland in summer; it conveys a sense of place that is felt in the soul.

An enriching addition to any space, this print doesn't just represent a scene; it's a voyage to the heart of Scotland's natural beauty. Let it be a window that looks out to the romance of River Tummel, offering an enduring connection to the spirited outdoors.

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