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Summer Rhapsody in Glen Tanar

Summer Rhapsody in Glen Tanar

Escape into the vivid hues and vibrant strokes of summer in Aberdeenshire with our evocative print. The artwork captures the essence of Glen Tanar's natural beauty through an Expressionist lens, embracing a palette where blues, purples, and yellows sing in harmony.

The scene is an enchanting depiction of the Scottish landscape, conveyed with impassioned brushwork that dances across the canvas. Bold oranges and luminous yellows suggest the warmth of the summer sun, infused with a heat that almost can be felt on one's skin. These colours bleed into the surrounding heath and grasses, which are rendered in strokes of green and umbra, evoking the untamed wildness of the heath.

A tranquil river, reflective as a mirror, winds lazily through the composition, bordered by gestural daubs of blue and white that mimic the interplay of water and light. The waterway draws the eye to the distance, where a horizon of rolling mountains, rendered in muted purples and blues, suggests the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands.

Overhead, the expansive sky is awash with the soft purples and blues of a summer day nearing dusk. Cumulus clouds, heavy with the possibility of a summer shower, loom large, their edges tinged with sunlight, contrasting starkly with the clear cerulean above them.

This enchanting print, a part of the 'Scotland in Summer' collection, brings not just a visual treat, but also a touch of the region's warm ambience into any space. It is an invitation to lose oneself in the expressive spirit of Scotland's magnificent landscapes.

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