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Dusk's Embrace at St Abba's Harbour

Dusk's Embrace at St Abba's Harbour

Bathed in the ephemeral glow of dusk, this evocative print captures the serene essence of St Abba's Harbour, nestled within our 'Scottish Harbours' collection. The piece exudes the quintessential characteristics of Expressionism, where emotions are emphasised over accurate depictions, and the inner world is brought to the fore.

Vibrant strokes of colour enliven the canvas, with rich purples, deep blues, and warm oranges reflecting the interplay of light and shadow as day gives way to night. The harbour scene is alive with a dance of reflections upon the gently undulating water, creating a harmonic symphony of hues that offer viewers an immersive visual experience.

The silhouette of the hills stands guard in the background, their form softened by the fading light, yet commanding in their presence. In opposition, the configuration of the boats moored in the harbour whisper of tranquil moments by the water's edge. The waterfront cottages, aglow with the day's last kiss of sun, appear both inviting and mysterious, held in a moment of time where stories begin to unfold as night approaches.

This print is a celebration of Scottish heritage and the unspoken beauty of the country's coastal landscapes. Timeless and captivating, it is a tribute to nature's daily masterpiece at St Abba's Harbour, an artwork that promises to evoke emotion and contemplation in every viewer.

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