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Golden Serenity: An Expressionist Homage to Findochty Harbour

Golden Serenity: An Expressionist Homage to Findochty Harbour

Capturing the serene essence of Findochty Harbour bathed in the warm, honeyed light of golden hour, this expressive print invites you into a world where colour and emotion blend seamlessly. The scene is an emotive dance of bold strokes and vibrant hues, reflecting the unique atmosphere of Scotland's coastal beauty.

The print showcases the reflection of the fiery sky on the tranquil waters, harmonising with the deep blues and purples that mirror the late evening sea. Standout features include a pair of boats gently bobbing on the harbour's reflective surface, captured in a moment of such precise stillness that time appears to stand still.

Onlookers are transported to this quaint harbour through a palette that sings with the ochres and oranges of the setting sun, as it casts its fading light on the harbour-side buildings. These structures, characterized by their simple form and calm white facades, contrast the lively seafront, creating a picturesque stillness amidst the surrounding visual symphony.

The distant hills roll quietly into the background, draped in a cloak of misty purples and blues that encapsulate the cooling of day into night. This print, an integral part of the 'Scottish Harbours' collection, embodies the spirited essence of Expressionism and offers an intimate glimpse into the tranquil beauty of Findochty Harbour at the most magical of hours.

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