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Summer Serenade by River Tummel

Summer Serenade by River Tummel

Embark on a visual journey through Scotland's summer splendour with this evocative print, inspired by the serene beauty of River Tummel in Perthshire. The vibrant depiction captures the lush landscape bathed in the warm glow of a summer's day, its essence masterfully rendered in the impressionist style that evokes the gentle flux of light and shadow.

The artwork presents the River Tummel as a winding ribbon of azure, with dappled reflections shimmering on its surface, interrupted only by the occasional pebble and rush. On either bank, the foliage bursts with a kaleidoscope of colour: rich greens, soft yellows, and fiery oranges that suggest the heady fullness of midsummer blooms.

A solitary tree stands as a centrepiece, its foliage a dazzling focal point that seems to dance in the golden sunlight. The surrounding heather and grasses are portrayed with sweeps of colour that lend a texture and movement to the print, suggesting the gentle sway of flora in the summer breeze.

In the background, rolling hills rise and fall in harmonious shades of lilac and blue, their undulating forms lending a tranquil rhythm to the composition. Above, the expansive sky is a canvas itself, with swathes of cream and pale yellow suggesting the passage of soft clouds in the vast Scottish sky.

This print is an homage to the splendour of Scottish summertime, offering a window into the soul-stirring landscapes that define Perthshire's unspoiled beauty. It's a piece that promises not just to decorate a space, but to imbue it with the vivid, tranquil essence of a summer's day by River Tummel.

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