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Painting and Art Print of Glenmore, Highlands entitled "Abstract Glenmore Tapestry".

Painting and Art Print of Glenmore, Highlands entitled "Abstract Glenmore Tapestry".

Step into a world of abstraction where the natural grandeur of the Glenmore, Highlands is transformed into a tapestry of bold colours and geometric shapes. This unique print is a captivating reinterpretation of the Scottish landscape, where the traditional pastoral scenery becomes a vibrant jigsaw of interlocking forms.

The artwork is an ensemble of various hues, with golden yellows, rich ochres, vivid greens, and deep blues coming together to form an eye-catching patchwork that is both familiar and intriguing. Each shape resembles the patchwork fields and rolling hills, while the simple, stylised structures suggest the quaint cottages and buildings nestled in the glen.

A harmonious blend of shadow and light gives the print depth, with the darker tones hinting at the Glenmore's rugged terrain and the bright splashes suggesting sunlight bathing the land. The inclusion of softer, muted tones balances the composition, providing a rest for the eye and evoking the misty atmosphere often found in the Highlands.

This print, part of our 'Scottish Glens' collection, offers an idealised essence of Glenmore, inviting viewers to explore the Scottish Highlands through an abstract lens. It serves as a statement piece that will spark conversation and admiration, suitable for anyone seeking to bring the essence of Scotland's natural beauty into their home with a modern, artistic twist.

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