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Golden Hour Serenity at Scourie Bay

Golden Hour Serenity at Scourie Bay

As the sun dips towards the horizon, casting its golden glow over Scourie Bay, this print captures the serene beauty of the landscape at its most tranquil moment. With a minimalist approach, the scene is distilled into a symphony of colour and form, inviting the onlooker to a moment of peaceful contemplation.

The artwork distils the essence of the bay into blocks and bands that intersect under a muted sky, softly streaked with whisps of pink and hints of glowing orange. A crisp horizon line separates the sky from the deep navy and gentle greys that suggest distant hills, while geometric shapes in shades of aquamarine, seafoam, and olive green form an abstract representation of the water and the rugged land that embraces it.

Emanating a sense of stillness, this print encapsulates the majestic simplicity of nature, offering a slice of calm and a nod to the understated elegance of modern aesthetics. It serves as both a reflection of the natural world and a testament to artistic restraint, making it an enchanting addition to any collection focused on contemporary minimalism.

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