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Summer Symphony on River Isla

Summer Symphony on River Isla

Summoning the vibrant essence of summer in Perthshire, this abstract print captures the effervescent charm of the River Isla with an invigorating palette and fluid shapes. Dappled with bright cerulean blues, the gentle flow of the river courses through swathes of lush emerald greens and sun-kissed yellows, reflecting the fertile banks and efflorescent fields that herald the season's warmth.

Heavy strokes of paint impart a tactile quality, with thick layers adding depth and intensity to a landscape that brilliantly oscillates between abstraction and recognisability. The horizon is a distant suggestion marked by contrasting hues, while bold patches of orange and pink introduce an unexpected harmony, suggesting wildflowers in bloom or the last light of a setting sun painted across the sky.

Characteristic of the abstract genre, this composition invites viewers to engage imaginatively, finding their own paths along the river's journey through the canvas. It's a celebratory homage to the bucolic splendour of River Isla, and a captivating addition to any space seeking a burst of colour and a touch of Scottish summertime.

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