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Tempest of the Highlands: Ben More Assynt Unleashed

Tempest of the Highlands: Ben More Assynt Unleashed

Envelop your space in the essence of the Scottish Highlands with this evocative print inspired by the formidable Ben More Assynt in Sutherland. Swathed in a tempest of colour and emotion, this piece is a masterstroke of Abstract Expressionism, capturing the untamed spirit of one of Scotland's most majestic mountains.

The print is a symphony of vibrant hues where fiery oranges and intense yellows dance across the horizon, reminiscent of a Highland sunset bleeding into dusk. These warm tones are skilfully juxtaposed against the cool blues and turquoises that hint at the presence of tranquil lochs and the crisp highland air.

A dominant, peaked mountain form rises from the centre of the piece, its surface a chaotic amalgam of bold brush strokes and impulsive palette knife marks. They shape the mountain's rugged beauty, giving it a tactile, almost tangible texture. The lower portions of the peak are caressed by shadows, painted with rich browns and muted purples that speak to the mountain’s ancient and enduring presence.

In the foreground, abstract interpretations of heather and grass are suggested by the expressive, sweeping lines and daubs of paint, while occasional drips of colour suggest a landscape that is dynamic and ever flowing.

This powerful print belongs to our 'Scottish Mountains' collection and invites a bold statement into homes or offices. It will resonate with admirers of Abstract Expressionism and the wild romance of Scotland’s natural landscapes, inspiring viewers to contemplate the raw beauty and emotional profundity of the Highlands. Whether as a focal point or a complement to your existing decor, this print promises to ignite the imagination and fuel a love for the untamed wild.

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