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Aberdeenshire Summer Serenade: An Abstract Expressionist Tribute to St Cyrus Beach

Aberdeenshire Summer Serenade: An Abstract Expressionist Tribute to St Cyrus Beach

As the sun casts its generous glow over the sands of St Cyrus Beach, Aberdeenshire, this enthralling print captures the essence of summer in Scotland through the lens of Abstract Expressionism. The lively brushstrokes and vivid palette evoke a sense of movement, as if the warm breezes of summer are whisking across the canvas. Swathes of vibrant oranges and pinks collide with calming blues, mirroring the spectacular dance between land, sea, and sky.

In this depiction, the coastal landscape is transformed into a series of sweeping gestures and bold colour blocks that suggest the natural beauty and wildness of St Cyrus. The horizon is a visual symphony, where the crisp blues of the ocean layer dramatically against a sky awash with delicate shades of blue and white, suggesting the expansive and ever-changing skies that dominate Scottish summertime.

The print is a celebration of texture and colour; the artist's unrestrained application of paint creates a dynamic surface that is alive with energy and emotion. Flecks of white and pockets of negative space offer restful pauses in an otherwise energetic composition and speak to the fleeting clouds drifting overhead.

This piece radiates warmth and is sure to bring the vibrancy of a Scottish summer's day into any space it inhabits. It forms an integral part of the 'Scotland in Summer' collection, evoking not just a place, but the feeling of endless summer days in one of the most picturesque corners of Britain.

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